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Glominex Glow Pigment 1 oz - Blue


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Glowminex Blue Glow Pigment is formulated to bring you maximum brightness! It is non-toxic and non-radioactive and can be repeated indefinitely. The pigment is blue and will glow neon blue at night. This pigment is perfect for making glow in the dark paints, glow wall murals and pictures, glow candles, and so much more. Each pack contains 1 ounce of blue glow pigment. For safety, do not use on your skin/hair.
SKU#: PAI-PIGGLOOZ-B          UPC#: 700371472368

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I bought the 1 oz. package hoping I would have enough for my project of glow in the ornaments. I found out it only takes a small pinch of this in my dough. It goes a long way! I can't wait to try the other colours!
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Kathy schwitzer
Granger, TX
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Product good, hole in the bag not so good.
While Im sure I will like the product because I have used it before I'm not very happy with the fact that one of the Blue pigment packages had a hole in the bag and it has spilled out all over the other bags, the bottom of the shipping envelope and also all over my floor and kitchen counters. This product doesn't glow as long and some of the others I have ordered it is a beautiful shade and makes my projects look amazing.I guess it would be different if I planned on staying up all night to watch it glow but it works well for what I use it for. This is the third time I have purchased it.
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Susan Whiteley
Abquerque, NM
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Fast shipping and a great product!
I am going to build a 'glow in the dark' table and this is obviously a very important ingredient to have. After doing some research I found this site through Amazon (it is always cheaper to go directly to the site of the product), and quickly found it was super easy to navigate and purchase from. This site has basically everything 'glow in the dark' you could ever need. I ordered blue glominex powder, I belive 6 oz of it, and it arrived to my house within a week. I placed it in the light for a few minutes then checked it in the dark and it already had a killer glow going. I am very happy with my order and would recommend this to anyone looking for 'glow in the dark' products.
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Marley Knorr
nice, CA
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cool glow powder
very good color, just wished the glow lasted longer!!! overall still like the product
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will peirce
Rockport, TX
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soft color
mix well and has a nice soft blue glow with no yellow tint,
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Sean Dinan
Reno , NV
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